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Membership entitles you to many benefits, training programs & camps, access to ski clinics, discounted Cypress season passes, free hot chocolate every Wednesday night at Cypress, CCBC insurance, free fall dryland training and lots of social events. For more info on membership, click here.

Nordic Racer membership fee includes the $9.00 membership fee to Cross Country BC (CCBC) and the $10.00 membership fee to Cross Country Canada (CCC).
Membership In CCBC and CCC supports the development of cross country skiing in British Columbia and Canada as well as providing liability insurance coverage for approved activities.

If you’re already a member of another cross country ski club, we will refund your CCBC/CCC membership fees (once it’s confirmed) as you only need to pay this fee once. The refund may take a month or two to be processed.

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    Join the Inside Track program to support Canada's cross country skiers on the road to the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics and beyond.

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    Are you a member of another cross country ski club? If so, we will refund you $19 for your CCC & CCBC fees.

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