This year, Whistler Olympic Park will be the site of the usual races, Teck Coast Cups and Sigge’s P’ayak and the Haywood Noram Westerns races January 20-22.

If you want to give a back to our sport, but feel unsure, why not take an officials course? You’ll learn all about the different parts of a race you can contribute to, and how a race comes together. It’s fun, and of course, the people are great. 

Already volunteered a few times and want to get more involved? Assigned better jobs? Take the Level 1 or Level 2 course. The Nordic Racers will reimburse your officials course fee if you volunteer at an event. Pretty easy eh? If you have any questions, feel free to talk to Sherryl Yeager, a Level 3 Official and Chief of Race for the Westerns. Volunteers for the Westerns are being sought in all areas – timing, sponsorship, stadium. You can also help out before the race – just ask Sherryl! 

The officials courses scheduled in our area include:
Level 1 – Nov 5 North Van
Level 1 – Dec 9 & 10 Whistler
Level 2 – Nov 19 & 20 North Van

Stay tuned for information on how to register.