It's not all about the gas.

There has been an increasing number of requests for carpooling in the last few years. As lovers of a sport that is adversely affected by global warming, the NR Exec thinks carpooling is great. However, there are more requests from people who want rides, than people who are offering them. To ensure a thriving carpool culture in the NR’s, we’ve put together a few guidelines to help keep the road smooth for everyone.

This is not a manifesto.  It is an attempt to create guidelines and understanding for riders and drivers about carpool etiquette to ensure repeat performances. Owning a car is costly and the biggest expense is depreciation. Then there is insurance, repairs, winter tires, ski boxes, gas, cleaning, and more. In addition to costs, there is the time the owner spends getting the car insured, tires changed, taking the car in for tune-ups and so on. Finally, who is the one staying awake through the snow storm back from Silver Star or white knuckling it through the fog up Cypress? Want to be invited back in? Read on….



Be on time! Meet in a convenient location for everyone. Don’t make time demands of the driver. Negotiate your return time PRIOR to committing to the carpool. Driver has veto rights because they are the ones with the vehicle.

We suggest that a Cypress return trip is $5 per passenger (and that doesn’t mean cookies!). This is the rate charged by the UBC Nordics. If students can afford it, so can you! We also recommend $15 per passenger return for Whistler Olympic Park.

For longer rides expenses should be divided based on actual fuel costs. If it is just you and the driver, split the gas bill. If there is more than one passenger, the driver should be excluded from the gas calculation.

Some vehicles are bigger than others, so it is difficult to estimate gas prices – as a guide, a mid-size station wagon (not an SUV) burns around $40 in gas from Vancouver to Callaghan return.  That same vehicle burns $150 to $175 to get to Silver Star and home. The Cariboo Marathon? That’s $160 in gas.

Showing your appreciation is good. You could offer a little extra for a car wash – or buy the driver coffee/treats at the break stops!

Leave the car interior like a campsite – cleaner than you found it!

Always have your cash ready. Never ask for a rain cheque on that ride.



Be on Time!  Don’t leave your carpool passenger in the rain/snow/sleet waiting for you. Don’t make your passenger late for L2L or any other event you are traveling to attend together.

Ensure you are in agreement on arrival and departure times.


Both Parties

Please do not wear perfumes, colognes or strongly scented products. Being trapped in a car with someone wearing such items is excruciating for those with asthma or allergies (and sometimes it’s just bad for everyone).