Do I have to race to be a member?

No! The majority of our membership are recreational skiers.  Yes we do have some high performance athletes and coaches including 5 Paralympians who raced in the 2010 Paralympic Games!  But we also have beginners just taking their first strides on skis.  The greater portion of the membership ski for fun as we are a very social club.

Why the Nordic Racers?

Membership entitles you to many benefits, training programs & camps, access to ski clinics, discounted Cypress season passes, free hot chocolate every Wednesday night at Cypress, CCBC insurance, free fall dryland training and lots of social events.

High Quality Instruction
The club runs at least two significant training opportunities during the ski season (Silver Star Ski Camp beginning of December, and the Learn to Loppet series), as well as dryland training in the summer and fall.

Discounts on Gear, Ski Passes, and Services
• 10% discount at Sigge’s Sport Villa (15% on Club Night)
• 10% discount at Deep Cove Outdoors
• 10% or more off of season passes at Cypress Mountain (offer expires Dec. 15th)

Discounted Accommodation
Your membership allows us to operate, and make financial transactions such as reserving budget accommodation at Silver Star and at supported races such as the Nickel Plate Loppet and Mt. Washington Loppet. Last year, we reserved 10 houses at Silver Star for the Silver Star Ski Camp in November. When you book that many rooms, you get a serious discount.

Subsidized Skill Development
Membership gives you access to club grants for courses in coaching, ski instructing, officials development, race organization, sports first aid, etc.

Social Events
Meet new friends by attending our free hot chocolate night at Hollyburn Lodge every Wednesday during the ski season. The club also organizes potluck dinners at the Silver Star training camp, a Wine and Cheese evening at the beginning of the season, a summer BBQ, dinner at the AGM, and a dinner and awards ceremony at the end of the season.

Insurance Coverage
Your membership fees, and signing of the club and Cross Country BC waivers, allow us to provide you with insurance coverage through CCBC. This protects you, the club, and the executive in the event of injury while participating in a club-sanctioned event.

Years for the Nordic Racers

Hot chocolates consumed in a season

Approx member count every season

Marriages of couples who met in the club


Do I have to race to be a member?

No! The majority of our membership are recreational skiers.  Yes we do have some high performance athletes and coaches including 5 Paralympians who raced in the 2010 Paralympic Games!  But we also have beginners just taking their first strides on skis.  The greater portion of the membership ski for fun as we are a very social club.

What’s a Loppet?

A Loppet is a great gathering of skiers who ski on a specifically groomed trail either classic (diagonal stride) or free (skating technique) of various distances. Enormous amounts of food and drink are consumed during (and after) the event. Usually, there’s an after party and celebratory banquet with awards and prizes.

The Loppet means different things to participants. For some it’s intense competition, for others it’s a relaxing way to spend a day outside, taking in the pristine beauty of the country side or wilderness, and enjoying the home grown entertainment and great food and drink at the rest stops along the trail.

In Canada, there are some great Loppets like the Canadian Birkebeiner in Alberta; the Keskinada Loppet in Gatineau Quebec; the Mont-Ste-Anne Loppet in Quebec; the Don Allen Saskaloppet in LaRonge Saskatchewan; and the Great Labrador Loppet in Newfoundland and Labrador to name a few.

The term “Loppet” originated in Scandinavia where you have such great events as the Mora Vasaloppet in Sweden and the Birke Beinerrennet in Norway.

In the Vasaloppet in Sweden, the skiers ski from Berga to Mora (90Km) to commemorate the same trail the king of Sweden (at the time it was Gustav Vasa….hence the name Vasaloppet) skied about 500 years ago. About 15000 people take part in the Vasaloppet and approximately 1.7 million people watch it on TV.

Who runs the Nordic Racers?

The Nordic Racers Ski Club has been a registered non-profit society since 1992, and therefore is run by a volunteer executive. The Nordic Racers Ski Club holds an annual general meeting every summer where all members are encouraged to attend with their ideas, run for the volunteer executive, and enjoy some free food and beverages. For more information on the Society Act, click here.

The Nordic Racers executive operate in accordance with the club’s constitution.

What’s the difference between a Coach and a Ski Instructor?

A Ski Instructor differs from a Coach in that Instructors only focus on ski technique whereas Coaches focus on, besides ski technique, fitness, mental skills, nutrition, etc. If you are only interested in ski technique then consider taking a CANSI (Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors) course. The Nordic Racers are in need of ski instructors and will pay the cost of your certification if you are prepared to teach skiing.

For more information contact us or check out the CANSI website at

Where can I get some of that great club swag?

We’re proud of the club and like to show it! We have lots of club gear, but it only becomes available once in a while when we place an order. Keep an eye on our newsletter and the Hot Topics to see what’s coming up next.

The Nordic Racer Story

The history of our name stems back to the late 1980s when there was only one cross country ski club in Vancouver.

A young, talented racer skied in all the BC Cup races and earned a spot on the BC Team. He was excited to be asked to represent BC at the National Championships. Unfortunately being a poor student he was scrambling to raise the money to travel to Eastern Canada where the Nationals were being held. He approached the club for support and was soundly turned down.

Sigge Bjorklund, a member of that club’s executive, was disappointed with the direction the club was taking as he felt that helping young promising skiers achieve their racing potential should be the mission of the club. Consequently a new club was formed and its name clearly identified its purpose from the other clubs!

Para-Nordic Race Team

In 2010, the Nordic Racers Ski Club had five members competing at the Vancouver Paralympic Winter Games – more than double any other club in Canada.

The Nordic Racers have expanded their focus to not only help skiers with physical and sensory disabilities to get out on the trails, but to pass on what we’ve learned to others interested in working with adaptive skiers.

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We are an organization of cross country skiers of all abilities and levels. We encourage the enjoyment and growth of cross-country skiing as a lifelong sport. We provide members with opportunities to achieve their goals as recreational skiers, competitive athletes, race officials, coaches and instructors in a safe, fun and social environment. Ski for fun, race to win.

Our Vision

We don’t want to be the biggest cross country ski club. Just the best! We strive to better the sport of cross country skiing by continuing to develop innovative, quality programs that help our members achieve personal excellence in fitness, racing, coaching, instructing and officiating in a cohesive social environment.

Club Executive for 2016/2017 Season
President: Jamie Stirling
Vice-President: Andrea Loewie
Treasurer: Tom Dallimore
Secretary: Zoe Paris
Membership: Philippa Wall
Communications: Geoff Wasteneys
Social Coordinator: Sue Drinnan

Web & Newsletter Admin: Jules Stirilng